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              BITMEX 当地时间2月18日,世界卫生组织卫生紧急项目负责人迈克尔·瑞安就中国当前返城复工疫情防控工作表示,中国不仅在成功扑灭一场“大火”,也在避免其他地方“起火”。

              The World Health Organization (WHO) said Tuesday that measures to restrict people s movement in China amid the COVID-19 outbreak are a correct strategic and tactical approach, and WHO would like to see progressive implementation of public health measures.


              "This is a very good public health practice," said Dr. Michael Ryan, executive director of the WHO Health Emergencies Program, who referred to the fact that the government in China had spent a number of weeks pressuring the virus and now actively engaged in door-to-door surveillance, which has led to the number of cases dropping away lately.世界卫生组织卫生紧急项目负责人迈克尔瑞安称“这是一次非常好的公众卫生实践”,他提到中国政府花费数周时间对抗病毒,并积极挨家挨户进行排查,感染人数正在逐渐减少。


              "We d like to see progressive implementation of public health measures," he underlined.他强调称,“我们很乐于见到这样的公共卫生措施得到逐步实施”。

              He explained that the first objective in Wuhan is to contain the virus at the epicenter, which has allowed space for much more active surveillance, and by doing so "they don t want virus to return to other places."


              Referring to the latest restrictive measures on people s movement in Beijing, the WHO expert said that the city is a central point in China for so many workers to return to, "so what China is trying to do is while they re getting success and pulling out one fire, they don t want the fire to start somewhere else. So they re taking very directed measures to ensure the people returning to the city are observed and monitored."谈及北京的返程复工防疫工作,瑞安表示,北京是中国的中心城市,非常多的务工人员将返回北京,“中国想做的是,在成功扑灭一场‘大火’的同时,避免其他地方也‘起火’,所以他们采取了非常直接的方式确保所有外地返京人员受到严密的观察和检测。”

              "You can argue whether those measures are excessive or whether they re restricted on people, but there s a lot at stake here. There s an awful lot at stake here, in terms of public health, and in terms of not only the public health of China but of all people in the world," he said.他说,“你们可以争论这些措施是否太过了,或者是否对人太过限制,但这非常重要,这对于公众卫生,不仅对中国的公众卫生,对世界人民来说,这样的举措都非常重要。”

              Starting from Monday, a joint expert team consisting of experts from China and WHO began field inspections on the prevention and control of the COVID-19 outbreak.从周一开始,一个由中国专家和世卫组织专家组成的联合小组开始对新型冠状病毒的预防和控制进行实地考察。

              The team members are scheduled to go to Beijing, Guangdong Province in the south and Sichuan Province in southwest China to conduct inspections.小组成员计划前往北京、广东省和四川省进行现场考察。


              According to WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the team may travel to Wuhan, based on their risk assessment and needs, as "all options are open."世卫组织总干事谭德赛称,该小组将根据其风险评估和需要决定是否前往武汉,并且“所有选择都是公开的”。



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