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              2018-12-11四级翻译特训 | 文学艺术篇-38.京剧

              38. 京剧Beijing opera is one of the oldest opera art forms in the world. Since the Tang Dynasty, performers of... [查看全文]

              2018-12-11四级翻译特训 | 文学艺术篇-37.书法

              37. 书法In China, calligraphy occupies a very important position in the field of traditional art. Calligraphy has... [查看全文]

              2018-12-10四级翻译特训 | 文学艺术篇-36.文房四宝

              36. 文房四宝Chinese particular calligraphic tools include brush, ink, paper and ink stone, which are known as“Four... [查看全文]

              2018-12-10四级翻译特训 | 文学艺术篇-35.景泰蓝

              35. 景泰蓝Cloisonné is an ancient technique for decorating metal objects. The resulting objects can also be calle... [查看全文]

              2018-12-09四级翻译特训 | 文学艺术篇-34.民间故事

              34. 民间故事Chinese folktales are the wealth of Chinese culture. It shows how Chinese people seek for love and a... [查看全文]

              2018-12-09四级翻译特训 | 文学艺术篇-33.爱情故事

              33. 爱情故事Chinese love stories are various and they are developed from the Chinese history of 5000 years. They... [查看全文]

              2018-12-08四级翻译特训 | 文学艺术篇-32.相声

              32. 相声Cross talk is one of Chinese Quyi performing arts. It originated from the folk vocal art and has enjoye... [查看全文]

              2018-12-08四级翻译特训 | 文学艺术篇-31.汉字

              31. 汉字There are tens of thousands of Chinese characters, though most of them are only slightly different from ... [查看全文]

              2018-12-07四级翻译特训 | 文学艺术篇-30.瓷器

              30. 瓷器Porcelain is a material made from well-chosen porcelain clay or pottery stone through technological process... [查看全文]

              2018-12-07四级翻译特训 | 文学艺术篇-29.刺绣

              29. 刺绣Embroidery is the handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn. It ... [查看全文]

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